ASOIAF westerosorting -- QoT

Game Ten is coming

Greetings, westerosorting!

We are sending ravens to inform you that the Long Break is almost over. Game Ten (our jubilee game, as mauvais_pli so aptly noted, will begin on December 1.

As of 12:01 AM ET US, we'll open up westerosorting and release the first 7 applications in the queue. (There are currently 10 applications, which means that not all apps currently in the queue will be released the first week. If you want to know whether or not yours is likely to be in the first or second batch, feel free to comment here. :)

And if you've been watching the comm and waiting to apply until the start of Game Ten, now is probably a good time to start polishing your application.

Looking forward to meeting and welcome our new applicants soon!

- westerosorting Mod Team

Your friendly reminder

Currently there are a few sorting applications in the queue, so I would like to draw the applicants' (and those who are considering applying to the community) attention to the fact that, as Game 9 ended in May and we are currently more or less on hiatus, your applications will not be voted on until Game 10 starts. The exact time has not been determined yet, but it should not be long, so not to worry :)