embrace change

Game 10's last batch tomorrow!

The sorting applications in the queue due to be released tomorrow, Monday, will be the last of Game 10. You may continue to send in your applications during the hiatus, but they will not be released immediately. Once Game 11 starts, we will be releasing the applications submitted to the queue in chronological order, up to 7 per week.

If you have any questions about submitting an application or how the community works, check out the Official Westerosorting FAQ.

Attention please!

Despite the very same thing spelled out in big friendly letters right above the application questions in our community's user info, recently we've had more applications come in with coding problems than usual, so let me repeat some things.

Dear new applicants -- the application questions provided for you in our handy textbox are already in HTML. You don't have to fix anything there or delete the first line because you find it irrelevant (because it's not, and it's there for a reason); the only thing you need to do is make sure you fill in your answers without losing any of the original coding and then copy-paste the entire thing into the HTML tab of your westerosorting entry, and not RichText. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!